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BrightBid is an AdTech company that is driven by creating clear results and added value for our customers. We love to make it easy for our customers to be seen online.

An AdTech company that increases your results online

BrightBid consists of an ambitious team that is passionate about creating great results for our customers. We focus on Google Ads and we have experience of working with all possible customers in different industries, large and small. We work only with the latest technology in each segment and through in-house developed innovations we help to drive the industry forward. We have extensive experience in digital marketing and the tools to make businesses visible in an easy way online.

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Our offices

Warmly welcome to any of our offices in London, Stockholm and Oslo. Let’s discuss AI!
Hello! Swing by our London office and say hi to our Brittish colleagues.

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Hello! Visit us at our headquarter in the heart of Stockholm city.

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Hallo! Welcome to our Norweigan office in Oslo.

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Meet some of us

We are an ambitious and courageous team that consists of 50+ colleagues around the world.
Marcus Möller
Anders Gustafsson
CSO(Chief Strategy Officer)
Morten Jærv Wang
Partner / Country Manager
Edmund Aldrich de Leon
Co-founder, CTO
Enes Tekes
Sales Manager and Partner
Lina Bäverstad
Marketing Director

Frequently asked questions

Here you can read frequently asked questions that we receive from those who are interested in starting with our AI-solution for Google Ads.
We always expect to be up and running 14 days after we have agreed.
We do not need much from you as a customer, at your first meeting with one of our digital marketing stars they will collect all the information they need.
The first month is learning intensive, expect to see a large increase in impressions and then see an increase in clicks and conversions.
No. You can sit back and review the monthly report.